Honey o' baby!

Honey o’ Baby

Relaxing honey facial is all about giving back that softness of a baby. Honey has a soothing feel that is calming and hydrating to give back the natural texture of smooth and relax skin. The use of local organic honey helps combat the allergens that the Oregon spring brings, so come refresh with a 

Honey o' Baby mask. 




Along with the long summer hours comes the harvest of local Northwestern fruit. This refreshing strawberry and cucumber facial will put you on the path of clear blemish free skin. The vitamin C in blueberries and strawberries help rebuild the collagen in your skin and acts as a natural toner. 




Mocha Quench

If your skin is feeling patchy and tried, chocolate and ground coffee is what you need to get your skin to wake up to its natural beauty. The ground coffee acts as a stimulant to your skin as it is gently massaged to the skin and left on as a mask. The chocolate provides the hydration in the mask to leave the skin soft, even and revitalized. $135 


  Oh My Darlin’! 

This is the kiss of love for the sensitive skin. Oatmeal is everything that is calming and cooling. Oatmeal is one of the most gentliest ingredients for quieting the skin and with the addition of a honey facial at the end will help soothe  out your skin tone. $120